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Support Us

We are always on the look out for volunteers who have the necessary skills to help us to achieve our goals.

There are many ways in which you may be able to help as an individual
       -          if you have clerical skills you may be able to help in the support team
       -          if you have practical skills you may be able to volunteer as a technician
       -          if you have management, accountancy, general business experience, you may
                  want to consider joining the management committee.

As a business or organisation, you may recognise areas where we may be able to partner each other.

You may be a contractor and want to join our register.

Or you may want to support us by making a donation to our Hardship Fund, which we use to contribute towards the cost of essential repairs or equipment in circumstances where the client meets our Fund criteria and cannot afford the cost themselves.



If you would like to help in these or any other ways, please contact us 

Care & Repair (Northamptonshire) Ltd is fully accredited under the national Quality Mark for Home Improvement Agencies
We are an Industrial and Provident Society with charitable status. Charity number IP25783R